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March 4, 2018/Bill & Linda Mercer/Missionaries from Mozambique/download sermon

‘Filling the Gap’

February 25, 2018/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Self Centerness’

February 18, 2018/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Rest in Jesus’

February 11, 2018/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Rest’ Pastor Lance’s Trip to Kuwait

February 4, 2018/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Be Patient’


January 28, 2018/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Humble Thyself’

January 21, 2018/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Tame the Tongue’

January 14, 2018/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘James II “Show Faith”‘

January 7, 2018/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘James I “Count it all joy”‘

December 31, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘In The Storm’

December 24, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Good God’

December  10th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God With Us’

‘December 3, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Jesus Provision’

‘November  26, 2017/Pastor Maralee Dawn/download sermon

‘Our Watch’

November 19, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The death of John the Baptist’

November 12, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon


November 5, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Jesus Healing’

October 29th, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Jesus’ Authority’

October 22nd, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Storm’

October 15th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Secret of the Kingdom of God’

October 8th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Take Heed’

October 1st, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Soils and Sowers’

September 24th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download Sermon

‘Family Affair’

September 17th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Apostles of Christ’

September 10th, 2017/Perry Zellman “Reach Across”/download sermon


September 3rd, 2017/Pastor Maralee Dawn/ download sermon

‘Living Word I’

August 20th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon


August 13, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Jesus and Fasting’

August 6th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Gospel of Mark V’

July 30, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Gospel of Mark IV’

July 23rd. 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Gospel of Mark III’

July 16th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Gospel of Mark II’

July 9th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Gospel of Mark I’

July 2nd, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘God’s Patriotism’

June 25, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon


June 18th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Man’

June 11th, 2017/Reverend Maralee Dawn/download sermon

‘The Name of Jesus’

June 4th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Will’

May 28th, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Truth is’

May 21st, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Memorials’

May 14th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon 

‘God’s Moms’

May 7th, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘God’s Warning’

April 30th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Marked’

April 23rd, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Counterfeits’

April 23, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Consider Jesus’ (Easter Message)

April 9th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Reminder’

April 2nd, 2017/Lynne Bode/download sermon


March 26th, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘God’s Basics’

March 19th, 2017/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘God’s Calling”

March 12th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Grace’

March 5th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Youth Plan’

February 26th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Shepherd’

February 19th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Fire’

February 12th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Attitude’

February 5th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Ministers’

January 29, 2017/Dave Solmes/download sermon

‘Amazing God’

January 22nd, 2017/Maralee Dawn/download sermon


January 15th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermons

‘God’s Light’

January 8th, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Authority-Love’

January 1, 2017/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Authority’

December 18th, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Hark The Herald Angles Sing’

December 11th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Christ Child’

December 4th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Impartiality’

November 27th, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Four minute Gospel’

November 20th, 2016/Pastor Lance/download sermon

‘God’s Prophets’

November 13th, 2016/Pastor Clarence Mitchell/download sermon

‘Radical Stewardship’

November 6th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘God’s Delight’

October 30th, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Who do you say I am’

October 23, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘The Elect’

October 16th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Making Right Choices’

October 9th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Bad Advice 4 Thanksgiving vs Dissatisfaction’

October 2nd, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Has Time Run Out’

September 18th, 2016/Pastor Maralee Dawn/download sermon

‘One Step Closer’

September 11, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/down load sermon

‘Bad Advice 3 (Adultery)’

September 4th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Bad Advice 2 (Addictions)’

August 28th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download Sermon

‘Bad Advice 1’

August 21st, 2016/Pastor Maralee Dawn/download sermon

‘Message of Mercy’

August 14th, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘The rest of the story’

August 7th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘How to neighbor, Lonely, Loved’

July 31, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘How to neighbor, Empowering the poor’

July 17th, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download message 

“The  Lord is my Shepard”

July 10th, 2016/Pastor Lance/download sermon

‘How do we neighbor Those Different from us?’

July 3rd, 2016/Pastor Terrance/download sermon

‘The root of evil’

June 26th, 2016/Pastor Terrance/download sermon


June 19th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Father’s Day’

June 12th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Do Not Judge’

June 5th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Ask anything’

May 29th, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘The Holy Spirit is for everyone’

May 22nd, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Authentic Spirituality’

May 15th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Pentecost Sunday’

May 8th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon 

‘Relationship’s; Mother’s Day’

May 1st, 2016/Maralee Dawn/download sermon

‘Don’t stop Hoping’

April 24th, 2016/Pastor Terrance/download sermon

‘Fear of Failure’


April 17th, 2016/Pastor Lance/download sermon



April 10th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Why Would God Use Me?’

April 3rd, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Family/Kids’ Emphasis’

Easter Sunday Sermon, March 27th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Why doesn’t God seem fair?’

Good Friday Sermon, March 25th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Why have you forsaken me?’

March 20th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Why didn’t God answer our Prayer’

March 13th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Why don’t I feel God’s Presence’

March 6th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘How do I know whats best’

February 28th, 2016/Pastor Terrance/download sermon

‘Hope vs Expectation’

February 21st, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon


February 14th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Active in Sharing Your Faith’

February 7th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Strengthened with Power’

January 31, 2016/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon


January 24th, 2016/Pastor Naylor/download sermon

‘The Blessings of Obedience’

January 17th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Persevering Through Discouragement’

January 10th, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Getting Started’

January 3rd, 2016/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘First things first’

December 27th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Bring your Gift’

December 20th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Pour out your Heart’

December 13th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Come to Worship’

December 6th, 2015/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon


November 29th, 2015/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon


November 22nd, 2015/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon


November 15th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon


November 8th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon


November 1st,2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘A way Out IV’

October 25,2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘A Way Out III

October 18th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘A Way out II

October 11th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/ download sermon


October 4th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘A Way Out I’

September 27, 2015/Pastor Terrance Martin/download sermon

‘Feast of Tabernacle’

September 20, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Day of Atonement’

June 21, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘1 Thessalonians 3, Father’s Day’

June 7th,2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Cause for Thanksgiving’

May 31, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Testing makes us stronger’

May 24th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon

‘Incredible Generosity’

May 17th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/ download sermon

‘Anything short of sin’

May 4th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/download sermon 

‘Faith filled’

April 12th, 2015/Pastor Lance Naylor/(download sermon)
Why are you so afraid’

May 26, 2013/Pastor Lance Naylor/(download sermon)
‘I Am the Light of the World’


April 14, 2013/Pastor Lance Naylor/(download sermon)
‘Reverse the Curse’


March 24, 2013/Pastor Lance Naylor/(Download sermon)
‘Father Forgive Them’


March 10, 2013/Pastor Lance Naylor/(Download sermon)
‘When People Let you Down’


February 24, 2013 /Pastor Lance Naylor/(Download sermon)
‘The Return of Christ’


February 10, 2013 /Pastor Dave Howatt/(Download sermon)


January 27, 2013 /James Mason/(Download sermon)
‘Rich and Poor’
The sermon on the plain with examples. Am I rich or poor? Have I been forgiven little or much? Humble neediness directed to the proper source. The rich/poor centurion, the poor/rich widow, inquisitive disciples, poor/rich harlot, inquisitive/disinterested Pharisee. Luke 6:17-7:50.


January 20, 2013 /Pastor Lance Naylor/(Download sermon)
‘Life Unleashed’
Believe the best for the future. Talk to the future. Commit to the future. Proverbs 28:13; John 19:30; Matthew 13:39; Hebrews 3:14; Philippians 1:6; Jeremiah 29:11; Jeremiah 29:4-6; Psalm 45:1; Mark 11:23.


January 13, 2013 /Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘Unleashed Power’
What do you think your role in the body of Christ is? How can your life be a conduit of the power of Christ for others who come to our church? What’s something you’re good at that you’re not currently using for God’s glory? How will you begin to allow God to use it? How could your life benefit from becoming a conduit of Christ’s unleashed power? Matthew 5:16; Acts 3:1-10.


January 6, 2013 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘Unleashed Courage’
The path to your greatest potential is often straight through your greatest fear. What lion do you need to chase? People with unleashed courage know that the bigger their God is, the smaller their lions become. Understand that playing it safe is risky. 2 Timothy 1:7, 2 Samuel 23:20, Daniel 6:20-22, Hebrews 11:6, 2 Corinthians 5:7.


December 23, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘Prince of Peace’
The fourth Sunday of Advent: Peace. The Prince of Peace is the one who comforts you, the one who who saves you. Isaiah 9:6, Luke 2:10-14, John 14:27, Philippians  4:6-7, Isaiah 26:3, Romans 5:1, Ephesians 2:13-14.


December 16, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘Everlasting Father’
The third Sunday of Advent: Joy. Isaiah 9:6, Psalm 103:8, Matthew 11:28-29, Jeremiah 29:11, Hebrews 13:5.


December 9, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘Mighty God’
The second Sunday of Advent: Love. Luke 1:26-38. Jesus’ power is at work in you, Philippians 2:13. Jesus’ power is at work for you, Isaiah 40:29-31, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Isaiah 9:6, Jeremiah 32:17. Jesus’ power is at work through you, Acts 1:8, 1 Corinthians 2:4-5.


December 2, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
‘A thrill of hope’
Reflections on the first Sunday of Advent, its theme, ‘hope’, and that old line ‘a thrill of hope’. What is the nature of hope? What is different about Christian hope? How does Christian hope interact with a difficult life? Beginning with Zechariah 3 and referring to many others including: Romans 8:31-34; Heb 10:11-13; Hebrews 11:1; Ephesians 2:12; 1 Thessalonians 4:13;  Romans 4:18; Hebrews 7:19; Rom 15:12-13; Colossians 1:27; 1 Timothy 1:1; Titus 1:1; 1 Peter 1:3; 1 Peter 3:15; 1 John 3:3; 1 Corinthians 15:19; 1 Timothy 6:17; Romans 8:18ff; John 1:4-5


November 25, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
When you know who you are, you’ll know what to do. You never represent yourself. You always represent God. You are an ambassador sent by God from heaven to earth. You were not elected by people but chosen and appointed by God. (2 Corinthians 5:17, 19-21; Acts 9:15; John 6:38; 2 Corinthians 10:8; John 15:16, 19; 2 Corinthians 5:20-21)


November 18, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘A Different Perspective on Worry’
We don’t have to worry about what will happen when we know who’s in charge. We don’t have to worry about what we have when we know who truly satisfies (Philippians 4:4-13).


November 11, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
On the occasion of Remembrance Day our thoughts are turned to those who have gone before us and ultimately to the One who has gone before us (Philippians 2:8-18; 2 Chronicles 20:17; Nahum 1:1-8, 13; Colossians 2:14-15).


November 4, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘Seeing from a different perspective’


October 21, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘A Different Way of Thinking’


October 14, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
‘Hosea’s Wife’ (song reference is to Derek Webb’s “Wedding Dress”)


September 30, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
‘About Face’


September 16, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
‘Heart-Felt Idols’


September 9, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)


August 26, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
‘Look out for appearances’


August 19, 2012 / Lynne Bode /(Download sermon)


August 12, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
‘With the Tact of an Apostle’


August 5, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Download sermon)
‘The Tortured Soul’


July 22, 2012 / James Mason /(Download sermon)
‘The Perserverance of God’


July 15, 2012 / Lynne Bode /(Whole service | Message only)


June 24, 2012 / Pastor Lance Naylor /(Message only)


June 18, 2012 / James Mason /(Whole service | Message only)
‘Discipleship, Service, and ‘Doing your best”


May 27, 2012 / James Mason / Whole service | Message only)
‘The Holy spirit and the Holy Life’